Welcome to ReactBy.Net - a simple and effective system supporting risk and security management

About Our Company

We are a part of Data Science Consulting, company located in south of Poland.

But no matter where we are located, we provide our clients with solutions that support them anywhere in the world.

Everything we deliver is based on solid foundations – knowledge, experience and understanding of the needs of our customers and partners.

So is Reactby.Net.

Our Customers

Our solution is dedicated to a wide group of customers

Public sector

Ensuring comprehensive interaction with residents. Starting from failures and threats reporting to cases handling .

Industry & Infrastructure

Incident handling - breakdowns, unauthorized access, threats to life, health, property and business continuity.

Security Agencies

Analysis of threats and signals that may indicate an increase in the probability of their occurrence in order to better protect people and property.

Sales & complaints

Obtaining feedback from customers in the field of complaints and quality assessment of products and services.

Why Choose Us


The possibility to report an incident to anyone who has a mobile device. There is no need to create any account or remember the URL Just scan the QR code.


ReactBy.Net can also be used by those users who prefer to remain anonymous. If their opinion is important to you – respect their privacy.


It doesn’t matter what submissions you expect. You can create categories yourself, and those that do not fit into any of them can be verified at various stages of the process.


Ease of reporting and ease of use. Problem solving will become easier and more effective, and thanks to a simple interface, nothing will be lost and will remain under control.

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