Our Solutions

A set of "must-have" tools for efficient and effective incident, risk and security management.

Easy reporting

Use of QR codes assigned to locations, dispatchers or notification categories.

User forms

Forms dedicated to different categories of users – employees, officers, volunteers.


On the basis of notifications or other sources. Assigning a category, priority and responsible person

Cases creation

A short description of this service and how it helps clients.


Progress in the implementation of cases under control. Status, performance and bottleneck analysis.


Simple and intuitive dashboards with clear information and graphics.


The register of procedures always provides up-to-date instructions on how to proceed even in the most surprising situations.

Risk register

A set of all defined risks along with the proactive and reactive actions assigned to them.

A Benefit

Quick reaction, full knowledge, effective actions

There is no perfect world.

In our environment, at work, and at home, there are various dangers and potential problems that we are not aware of until they occur and cause painful consequences.

Starting from minor damage, failure or devastation, through discontinuity of business processes to threats to life and health, they should be under control. And no matter how flawed or unlikely they seem, we must be aware that they exist and that someone is watching over them.

Often we do not even know who this person is and how to contact him …

That’s why we created ReactBy.net.


ReactBy.net can support both SME’s, large corporations as well as public entities and smaller organizations. The number of users is unlimited. Our solution scales in any organizational structure. It is only important that you have a person in your team who will manage the system. And usually it doesn’t have to be a full-time employee.

Each client is different and therefore our offer is priced individually. We calculate the price on the basis of the number of licenses for administrators, users in the organizational structure, time spent on implementation and additional customer needs.

Each member of the organization can find a role. Our solutions are used primarily by safety and security managers, team coordinators, public service dispatchers, complaint departments and maintenance heads. Special views are intended for higher management levels, and forms for submitters are always open.

Only server space. If you do not have it, we will help you obtain it.

The solution was created mainly to support building a safety culture and is based, among others, on o the principles of Safety Management Systems at airports and in the Oil & gas industry. But the reports sent through the system do not have to concern only threats and problems. They can also be used in the processes of creating new solutions as well as Kaizen.

Not only.
Although mobile devices, especially in conjunction with the information contained in the QR code, are the most convenient and usually available at any time by any person, the report can be made from any device using the Internet.

It depends on the rules in your organization. We can reflect them in the system so that you do not have to adapt to it.

Yes, of course.
Signals of potential threats can come from many different sources, such as access control systems, closed-circuit television, motion sensors or concentrations of hazardous substances, and many, many others …


“ReactBy.net is a great tool that allows you to interact with the inhabitants of our city. Since we implemented it, their commitment to cleanliness and safety has increased significantly..”
”ReactBy.net inspires the trust of our employees. Thanks to it, everyone is sure that information about potential threats is not lost and they are involved in improving work safety."
“We've always been aware that complaints are inevitable. Now, thanks to reactby.net, we have a much better view of their causes, which allows us to effectively improve the quality of production and customer service..”

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